La Quinta Arts Festival Participation

La Quinta Arts Foundation has earned respect and accolades for our ability to connect the “right buyer” with the artist. An extensive marketing campaign assures a large presence of knowledgeable, serious art patrons.  


The La Quinta Arts Festival  is ranked #1 Fine Art Festival in the Nation (Art Fair SourceBook 2013) and consistently achieves $2 million in art sales with average sales per artist exceeding $10,000. 2014 art sales posted $3.1 million; or $13,313 average per artist!  



Application process opens June 1, 2014
and closes September 30, 2014

ZAPP™ Application Fee
June 1 – September 30


ZAPP™ Application Closes
September 30, 2014

Jury Notification
October 31, 2014

Artist Participation Agreement
& Standard Booth Fee Due

December 1, 2014

Cancellation Deadline

January 1, 2015

La Quinta Arts Festival Program
Ad Payment Deadline

January 15, 2015  

Booth Assignments
Available Online

Early February 2015

Event Registration
March 3 & 4, 2015

La Quinta Arts Festival
March 5-8, 2015, 10am-5pm

Tear Down
March 8 & 9, 2015

La Quinta Arts Festival requires artists pay a 20% show fee for all art sales made at, or as a result of participating in La Quinta Arts Festival.

A low booth fee for a 12×12 space means minimal up-front investment to participate, and allows LQAF to be successful only when artists are successful.

Steered by its non-profit mission of “Promoting and Cultivating the Arts” since 1982, La Quinta Arts Foundation uses proceeds from La Quinta Arts Festival for programs and activities that support artists, educate art students, and for cultural enrichment programs for all segments of the community.

LQAF has provided scholarship funding of over $1,097,752 to visual arts college students!


For assistance: Contact our helpline by email or call (760) 564-1244 x112

The information below will be updated as soon as it becomes available. 


2015 Festival Media Categories

To see all acceptable media categories …Click Here


Don McCoyJeweler, Colorado
“Incredible location, exceptional crowd of QUALIFIED, ENGAGED ART BUYERS – High End Works sells WELL here!! Show staff works tirelessly to help artists succeed.”



Jim BudishSculptor, Illinois
“The La Quinta Arts Festival is the world’s most beautiful venue, backed by the most savvy and artist empathetic festival direction, supported by the most welcoming community, and base of volunteers that an artist could wish for.”



Michael McKeeDrawing & Pastel, Illinois
“I’ve been fortunate to have participated in La Quinta Arts Festival for 3 years now, and I have to say that there is no more professionally run festival in the country. The rewards have been both financial and personal, with a special nod to the organizers. La Quinta is a great place to be in March, and I hope to come back as long as they will have me.”


Jason NapierSculptor, Washington
“There are many reasons why this is my favorite show…The staff is absolutely amazing! The setting is drop dead gorgeous! The artists at this show are of the highest caliber! But most of all, the success of this show comes from working as a “Team”. A team comprised of show staff, artists, volunteers, and sponsors. The dedicated show staff seek valuable feedback from these partners and every year they implement, strengthen and fine tune a multitude of particulars that go into making this show what it is today.
The commission aspect I regard as an investment into this show and the community. Large scale advertising campaigns are targeted to getting the right crowd to enter the gates. I see the return when these patrons stroll into my booth; they are practically “handpicked”. They are qualified art collectors and whether it is their first time or return every year, they are here to support la Quinta Arts Foundation and the artists. Relationships created at this show will last a lifetime!”


David BjurstromDrawing, Texas
“I would (and DO) drive over 1200 miles each way just for La Quinta Arts Festival because it is a dependably high sales show for me and I’ve never been disappointed. From the art-savvy crowd ready to buy, the gorgeous setting, to the staff and incredible volunteers; this is the show I look forward to more than any other all year long.”