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LQAF Gallery Spotlight: Terry Sauvé

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Terry Sauvé has been painting since she was a young child.  In 1996, she pursued formal training at the Academy of Art College. Here she studied with some of the area’s best painters including Brian Blood, Craig Nelson, William Maughn and Randall Sexton.  In 2000, when she did her first public art festival, the doors to the art world flew open. She was immediately picked up by one Sausalito’s best galleries and has since exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the country.  

Living close to nature in Northern California, she paints the place she loves most.  Feeling a deep connection with nature, she is inspired by the natural light falling over a scene.  Capturing this magical quality of light is one focus of her paintings, as is “pushing” the color found in nature to enhance the painting.  Her method includes taking photographs, making sketches and occasional color studies on location.  From these references she works on larger finished paintings in her studio, layering paint and glazes to create depth and a sense of light.  Here, she transmits what she has absorbed from studying color and light in nature into her paintings.

“It is the incredible beauty of this earth that I am called to express rather than its destruction; the righteousness of the family farm rather than the details of it’s working or peril of its existence.”–Terry Sauvé 

Terry made her first appearance at the 35th La Quinta Arts Festival, where she exhibited her oil paintings of local landscapes. 

Visit her LQAF Artist Gallery to see more of her paintings.