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LQAF Gallery Spotlight: Mark Doolittle

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Mark Doolittle’s organic style reflects his unique and distinctive vision of nature, with no piece every duplicated. Although Mark is a wood artist, he enjoys creating around natural objects such as fossils or minerals that then become integrated into the overall piece.

Each piece is conceived and executed by the artist alone, using exotic hardwoods and burls from around the world. Although his style involves intricate carvings and texturing involving many hours of bench work, he never employs laser or CNC machinery; rather, each piece is crafted using rotary burrs and bits as well as hand tools, such as rasps and chisels.

Mark’s artwork is in several collections, and has been featured in several books and magazines, such as Fine Woodworking and Sunshine Artist.  He has won awards at fine art festivals including La Quinta Arts Festival

See more of his wood art at his LQAF Artist Gallery.