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Hand Blown Glass by Michael Hermann & Gina Lunn

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Michael Hermann & Gina Lunn (Glass) San Clemente, CA — Booth #438

Hermann and Lunn use traditional Venetian glassblowing techniques in all of their work. Inspired by Italian masterpieces, they are committed to keeping the tradition alive in a world that is rapidly moving away from these methods. Both artists agree that the actual process of blowing glass is the most appealing aspect of their medium.

“Having been fortunate enough to study under Italian masters, we absorbed age-old techniques, learning very quickly the importance of structure and design. Combining these traditional techniques with a more contemporary style, we create glass that is both beautiful and timeless.”

Each piece is hand blown without molds using cane and murrini techniques. Cane and murrini are cores of color pulled or stretched and sometimes twisted into 50-100 foot rods. These rods are then cut into shorter sections, heated, and rolled up to create a bubble which is then shaped. Murrini is cut into cross sections to be used in conjunction with lengthwise cane.

Hermann began glassblowing in Maryland as an apprentice at Art of Fire under Gianni Toso. He studied at Red Deer, Canada and Corning Museum, New York. Lunn’s apprenticeship began in Laguna Beach, California. She studied with Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen, Lara Donefer, Ross Richmond, and Stephen Powell. She worked as a production assistant for six years before teaming up with Michael in 2005.

View their hand blown glass at the 35th La Quinta Arts Festival, March 2-5, 2017.