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Debra Steidel – Featured Artist of La Quinta Arts Festival® 2018

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New to La Quinta Arts Festival®, Debra Steidel (Wimberley, TX) will showcase her fine art porcelain sculptures, featuring vivid and bold crystalline glazes.  Her work is highly revered for its detailed craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind alluring designs.  Debra fuses the delicate beauty of porcelain with techniques of contemporary sculpture to create interdependent vessels and lids.  Using high fire porcelain clay, she throws her vessels on the very first wheel she purchased at the age of 18.  Over the years, she has mastered and refined new styles to broaden her artistic vision.


Most recently, Debra incorporated bronze and glass into her artwork. She uses dynamic elements of intricately cast, multihued glass and patina bronze to create the sculptural lids for her elegant vessels.  The lids are sculpted by hand, drawing inspiration from Debra’s love for nature, animals, and birds, with influences such as fossils and shells. The surreal, symbiotic bond that forms between the vessels and lids express balance and wonder.

To complete her creation, she chooses from a variety of distinct glazes to capture the precise sensation for each specific work. The recipes of her glazes have taken years, in some cases decades, to perfect.  Her “crystalline” glaze is named for the actual crystal formation that occurs on the surface of the pieces during the kiln firing stage.  This particular process requires a complex combination of techniques including adding specific ingredients to the glaze formula, firing at extreme temperatures within the kiln, and orchestrating a series of specific temperature holds and slow-cooling methods. In perfecting these techniques, Debra develops stunning patterns that make each piece uniquely different from the next. 

Visit Debra Steidel at the 36th La Quinta Arts Festival® and get a first-hand look at her unique art pieces, Booth #103.