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Booth Shot Display–Directions


Booth Shot Display–Directions

Your booth shot is vital to your success in being accepted into La Quinta Arts Festival.   It should show that you display your work neatly and professionally. Imagine your art in an outdoor gallery!

  • Do not overcrowd the booth with all of your work, never leave your work on the ground propped against the side of the canopy and crop away any distractions that the jury does not need to see.
  • Your booth shot does not need to include your entire canopy, your packing materials, your lunch or the other booths around yours. Do not show award ribbons, signage or people (including yourself!) in your booth shot.
  • Just showcase your work, as we would expect it to appear at La Quinta Arts Festival. A booth shot should be inviting and entice patrons to enter the booth.
  • Imagine your booth as a gallery.
  • Art on display should be similar to that which is featured in your submitted images 1-4.

The jury members will each subtract a point for a poor booth display.

We want you to be successful. We provide the above suggestions based on years of experience.

Here are some examples of booth shot displays:


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