Leo Posillico

Leo Posillico Painting In StudioBorn In Westbury Long Island, New York in 1944, I grew up in an idyllic era of our country. In the early 1960s I attended New York City’s School Of Visual Arts. In the years that followed I served in the army as a photographer and instructor in Vietnam.


My years as a professional artist began in 1969, with a move to the West coast. I was fortunate to work as an Art Director, Illustrator and Designer for corporate, and private companies. I was a member of the Los Angeles Art Directors Club for several years, and awarded three Awards Of Merit and National Achievements Awards in design and illustration.


In 1974 I decided to open my own studio. While talking on the phone and doodling, I created the figure that has become my signature character in many of my paintings. Influenced by the graceful sculpture of Giacometti, my figures are virtually all elongated, race less, genderless, and usually composed in groups. By simplifying shapes with quick precise brush strokes to animate the basic human emotions in all of us, these expressive figures achieve their movement.


In the last thirty plus years, the work has taken me into a world where observing people is a constant awareness of behavior and emotions that I continually strive to express in my paintings. I have been honored with national and international representation. My art can be seen in the American Art Collector books and several magazine articles. I have designed for text books, magazines, novels, album cover, clothing, and have self-published books, various print lines and greeting card collections.


From my very first year at School Of Visual Arts, one of my painting instructors infused in us the simplicity of negative and positive space and the essence of pure design in what makes a painting work. My current paintings are acrylic on canvas with multiple layers of glazing to create the depth and movement that I wish my characters and the environment they live in to come alive. This lesson has stayed with me all my life to guide me in the complexity of color, and continue to create and arrange for the viewer a dynamic painting.