John Maurer

John Maurer

I have always had the urge to create. Inspired by an older sister, I began sketching at an early age and took every art class I could before graduating from high school. This early education and experience, and my desire to learn more, led me to Atlanta, GA, where I completed my art degree. A job position in Commercial Art was the sensible choice for a new graduate and I worked as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for over ten years. Additionally, I honed my skills in the use of watercolor, pastel and pencil during that time. After a trip to New Orleans in 1997, I fell in love with the city and soon after I made the decision to follow my passion, quit my job, and move to New Orleans to pursue a career in painting.  Not content with merely making a living, I had taken the first step in my dream of becoming a self-sufficient fine artist. I worked as a street artist for my first year, selling my street scenes and musician paintings around Jackson Square along with nearly a hundred other artists selling their wares. Competition was fierce but there was also a sense of camaraderie that held us all together. It was an experience I will forever cherish.

I have always been drawn to the landscape. The mesmerizing qualities of rolling hills, vibrant skies, colored foliage, sparkling waterways, and majestic architecture,  as well as the people and animals that populate those scenes, are the things I love to commit to canvas and relay to others in my work. After a move from New Orleans to New York, I began exhibiting my landscapes in art festivals and local galleries.

Oil and acrylic are now my favorite mediums for my paintings and have been for nearly twenty years. I began traveling extensively in 2001, and my work has mostly reflected the places and people that have inspired me. I paint on location while traveling, but much of my work is completed in the studio from the studies, photos and sketches I bring back from my travels. I have also begun working in abstracts over the last few years, which is a fun, exciting and challenging alternative to my landscapes.

My work is vibrant and spontaneous with loose expressive strokes of impasto color. Pigment is applied in layers using palette knives, brushes and towels.

An early affinity with the French impressionists and expressionists continues to influence my work along with other contemporary artists such as Richard Deibenkorn, Gerhard Richter and Elizabeth Estivalet, whom I find inspiring. I try to approach each new work with a fresh eye for color, linear quality and textural variation. My preferred tool is primarily the palette knife, but this has grown to include a greater use of brushes and paper towels into the painting process as well as the use of charcoal and pastel. My choice of subject matter is unlimited as I continue to travel in search of fresh, inspiring views.

My work can be seen on my website, as well as a calendar of fine art festivals and a listing of galleries where my paintings can be found.  My paintings also hang in numerous collections.

John Maurer