Gary Bachers

Gary E. Bachers

When Dr. Gary Bachers submitted his master’s thesis in organic chemistry, excepts of which were later to be published in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry, or had his work published in Chemical Reviews, he had no idea of the enormous turn his life would take. He could not know that at the age 38 he would be struggling to write his own name.

Bachers had obtained  his Masters in Science in Organic Chemistry  and was Gold Medalist in Science.  Four years later he had completed  Medical School. 

Gary was an Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto in Piano Performance.

By the age of 38 he was happily married with three wonderful young children and had worked for 10 years as beloved family physician in New Boston Texas.

A massive hemorrhagic stroke changed everything.

Gary proved his doctors wrong by surviving the massive stroke.  Yet, despite years of stroke rehabilitation therapy he would be left with right-sided hemiplegia loosing all use of his right side and most devastatingly, with expressive aphasia.

Few understand it’s meaning or implications.  The reality was that he can no longer express himself through either the written or spoken word.   He can understand everything but can only reply with gestures anda few words.. 

To counter the deep despair he was encouraged to try to draw with his left hand.   To a man who was a perfectionist and had achieved so much, this proved a painful ordeal and resulted in painfully executed rough drawings.  

Slowly, Gary found that his art was developing as a “second language” a new voice.  The art became his “voice”, a way to communicate with his increasingly complex images.  His work evolved to picture conversations with a meditative and reflective quality echoing his pains and passions.  Bachers found his signature technique—a painstakingly detailed and delicate layering of colored pencil lines on  film.

While Gary’s life has taken an unforeseen and challenging turn, he has found new success and is pursuing his second career with the same passion as he did his first.

He has won many national awards, and has been featured in colored pencil anthologies and documentary films.  

His life is simple now dedicated to the quiet pursuit of his art but this man who has achieved so much still has so much to say. He says it in  his “silent conversations” with the “language of art”.  He continues to play the piano daily…..with his left hand alone.  

With  the help of his wife Gabrielle he has found much joy in traveling around the country  participating in fine art festivals and sharing his work. 

Gary Bachers