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Cornelia Goldsmith

Jeweler Cornelia Goldsmith has always felt it essential to find a balance between technical craftsmanship and artistic creativity in forming her designs. Her jewelry is hand fabricated in high-carat gold, platinum and silver alloys and the rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants she creates employ many different master’s techniques such as lost wax casting, engraving, chasing and granulation. Richly colored gemstones and diamonds are used to further embellish the work as are many symbols and iconography chosen for their universality.
A unique design sense, impeccable technique and keen eye for detail allow Cornelia Goldsmith to create bold, conceptual jewelry that is at once powerful and subtle. Elegant lines and a flavor of timelessness are meant to inspire the wearer and to create a personal bond with their adornments.

During her 20-plus year career as a jeweler, Cornelia has won numerous awards including the American Vision Award in and has been featured in various publications such as the noteworthy Art Jewelry Today by Dona Meilach, Art Jewelry Today 2 by Jeffrey Snyder and Lark Books collection series title 500 Brooches. Her work has been featured on the covers of some of the most prestigious national magazines including Ornament Magazine, Lapidary Journal and AJM, the magazine of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America. Cornelia joined the influential American Jewelry Design Council in 2009.

Ms. Goldsmith travels extensively and exhibits her work at the nation’s most prestigious fine art and craft shows. An impressive industrial workshop along the waterfront in San Francisco provides ample space to meet with new clients and avid jewelry collectors.

Cornelia Goldsmith