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La Quinta Arts Festival® Artist Spotlight: Guilloume — Family Man

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La Quinta Arts Festival artist and Artist Advisor Guilloume creates paintings, bronze sculptures and reliefs, which depict the value and commitment of family and friends.

In 2015, he was chosen as the Featured Poster Artist for La Quinta Arts Festival for his original painting “In Prayer”.

Guilloume is a master of “Bolismo”, an emotional style using understated yet timeless forms, textures and movements. The Colombian-born and New Mexico-based artist has worked for over three decades in Bolisimo, which places featureless groups of figures together, incorporating circles and southwestern colors. 

Guilloume in studio

To celebrate Father’s Day, we invited Guilloume to share what this special day means to him, and how the theme of family permeates his artwork. 

Guilloume: Father’s day is a wonderful day that I get to celebrate with my children. Being a father is a role that never stops. It becomes a lifelong journey of learning and giving everything we have so that our children may have the best opportunities. It’s interesting to reflect and realize that all of our life we are taught and prepared to be architects, artists, doctors or professionals of some sort.  However, we are never taught or prepared on how to be a man, a husband, and a father. This pushes us into a new experience of life where we continually learn to develop kindness, trust, compassion, humility and strength. I am grateful for this beautiful role. I look forward to becoming a grandfather and seeing my children grow into loving, supporting parents. 


Family Involvement

Guilloume: My son, Claudio Tolousse, is involved in the whole process: creative, professional, and logistics. Like all of my children, he has helped me see new things and inspired new pieces.  For example, I have created several pieces after experiencing his music concerts.  More recently, we have been collaborating on new, abstract, metal sculptures. I am so happy to have one of my sons following in my footsteps. Therefore, this makes our relationship into that of an apprentice and mentor. I know the world will soon see his work both as a musician and a visual artist. 

La Quinta Arts Festival patrons with Guilloume and son.


Public Art Commission ‘Family Gathering’ 

Guilloume: Undoubtedly, the central themes of my work are family and partnership.  This piece celebrates family and is especially relevant. ‘Family Gathering’ is a bronze sculpture, 48” high on a steel base, installed at Clemson University, South Carolina. This reading shares the significance:

                Family Gathering was commissioned by the Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life at Clemson University. Family Gathering is a fitting depiction of family and partnership.  Combining abstract and representational elements, Guilloume has a rare ability to communicate the personal meaning and social significance of relationships in the contexts of strong communities and strong families across generations. Guilloume’s art uses distinctive Latin elements.  But the themes, emotions, and physical forms are ones to which every person can relate, regardless of ethnicity, class, gender, or age. Family Gathering thus leaves a powerful impression of both the collective meaning and the individual significance of family relationships and cultural expression.  –Gary B. Melton, PhD

Family Gathering by Guilloume


Current projects in progress

Guilloume: We have been playing with the idea of working on another book celebrating the ‘home of the artist’. It has been my dream to convert my home into a sculpture garden and art museum. Over the past several years, we have been installing large pieces. Our hope is that the book will bring people from around the world to visit our beautiful home. I would like to finish the book by next year’s La Quinta Arts Festival!