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2019 Artist Advisors

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Our team of Artist Advisors serves as liaisons between the Artists and the Foundation, providing us with valuable feedback, along with objective and innovative advice. If Artists have questions about La Quinta Arts Festival participation and prefer speaking to a knowledgeable peer, we encourage you to contact one of them. The Artist Advisors are frequent award winners, highly experienced exhibitors and have participated in La Quinta Arts Festival for numerous years. The Foundation fondly refers to them as the Twelve Apostles.

Robert Ferguson – Paintingrferguson@gmail.com

Tate Hamilton – Paintingtatesart@aol.com

Guilloume – Painting/Sculpture – Guilloume@aol.com

Christopher Jeffries – Glass – info@jeffriesglass.com

Mark Lewanski – Glassm_lewanski@hotmail.com

Michael McKee – Drawing, Pastel, Printmakingmichael@michaelmckee@gallery.com

Jason Napier – Sculpture jason@napiergallery.com          

Dorothee Naumburg – Jewelryinfo@dorotheenaumburg.com

Isabelle Posillico – Jewelryisabelleposillico@earthlink.net

Leo Posillico – Mixed Media/Painting– leoisart@earthlink.net

Louise Valentine & Brian Provencher – Fiber –  bap@direct.ca

Daryl Thetford – Digital Art/Mixed Mediadarylthetford@yahoo.com