Art Under the Umbrellas Participation

2015/16 Art Under the Umbrellas

Select Saturdays – 10am to 4pm

October 31, 2015
Halloween Weekend

November 14, 2015
Veteran’s Day Weekend

November 28, 2015
Thanksgiving Weekend

January 16, 2016
MLK Holiday Weekend

January 23, 2016

February 6, 2016

February 13, 2016
Valentine’s Day Weekend

March 19, 2016
Spring Break

Under the Umbrellas at Old Town La Quinta cropped to sunArt Under the Umbrellas shows are one day events located in Old Town La Quinta from 10am to 4pm on designated Saturdays.

These events attract Coachella Valley residents, our annual population of snowbirds from across the country and Canada, and hotel guests from coastal communities.

LQAF has developed a loyal following of discerning customers who enjoy strolling through this charming event while listening to live music, wine tasting or sipping cappuccino.

Art Under the Umbrellas are perfect for Artists who do not wish to dedicate an entire weekend to exhibiting in an art show.

Set-up begins at 7am on Saturday morning. Artists set-up along the closed-off streets of the outdoor shopping complex. It is an easy set-up and tear-down and one can drive right up to their booth location.

Art Under the Umbrellas embraces a combination of Artist newcomers, along with veterans of La Quinta Arts Festival. We are fortunate to have the support of local Artists, and those coming from all over Southern California.

Art Under the Umbrellas has become very popular with art patrons and local hotel concierges seeking quality activities to recommend to their guests.

Hotel patrons at La Quinta Resort, Embassy Suites, Santa Rosa Condos, as well as neighboring properties in Indian Wells and Palm Desert, flock to the desert to celebrate the long holiday weekends. Traditionally these are the busiest weekends in the Coachella Valley.

For any of you that prefer to drive out Friday evening, we are working to secure attractive hotel rates.


2015/16 Art Under the Umbrellas Information & Application Packet


Please find below the event information, guidelines, application, and participation agreement.  When you submit your application you must also submit a signed/dated participation agreement.  Application deadline August 31st, 2015.

AUU 2015-16 Event Overview & Booth Staking

AUU 2015-16 Application & Contract

If you do not have a PDF reader, please follow this link to download the latest version:


Art Under the Umbrellas – Information and Fees


Art Under the Umbrellas FEES:

$75 Per Show/Single Booth
$150 Per Show/Double Booth – Limited Availability

Artists remit 20% of sales to LQAF, made during or as a result of your participation in Art Under the Umbrellas.



Buy Now

Booth Fees can be paid on line by clicking the “Buy Now” link. You MUST complete the payment form entirely, including: credit card billing address, credit card security code, and your email, or the transaction will be declined.  Change the quantity box to correspond to the number of Umbrella Show dates for which you are paying.  If you are paying for a double booth you must make the quantity two (2).  Please print the receipt for your records.  If you have questions about the payment interface contact Myles Barter.

Confirmation of acceptance will be mailed in early September.  All further communication will be made by e-mail.  Once confirmed, pre-payment to LQAF by due date guarantees your space in the event.  If payment is not received by the due date, you may lose your space to a wait-listed Artist. No booth fee refunds within a month prior to the event. Refunds are less $25 administration fee. If an Artist “no-shows” an Umbrella show, they may be prohibited from participating in subsequent shows as determined by LQAF.  Of course, payment received earlier than the designated deadline is appreciated, as this is a true indication of an artist’s commitment to participate.

ARTISTS NEW TO Art Under the Umbrellas:

Artists who have not exhibited in Art Under the Umbrellas during the past two years must also submit four images of their current art work and one image of your booth display for consideration. Please email these to Kathy Taylor.




It is the Artist’s responsibility and an absolute  requirement to have a current California Seller’s Permit in their booth at all times. The Artist must also have a La Quinta Business License. The City of La Quinta requires all participating artists to add Art Under the Umbrellas location (78015 Main Street La Quinta CA 92253) to their resale permit as a temporary location. This should be done prior to applying for a City Business License.

Unavailability of required permits and licenses could be grounds for removal from the show. The Artist agrees to have the valid licenses available for inspection in their booth during all show hours.

California Seller’s Permit – Each Artist must obtain a California Seller’s Permit adding the Art Under the Umbrellas location as a temporary location (78100 Main Street La Quinta CA 92253). Artist must present California Seller’s Permit number in writing to LQAF by the date indicated in their confirmation.  Go to the California State Board of Equalization website to eRegister.

City of La Quinta Vehicle Business License – Artist agrees to obtain a City of La Quinta Vehicle Business License prior to artist check-in. La Quinta Business Licenses are valid for one year at a cost of $16-$76. Download the application and information here…

Vehicle Bus Lic Form (3) (1)

Tax – In accordance with the California State Board of Equalization, the Artist is required to collect, report, and file all appplicable taxes including Riverside County Sales tax, designating their sales transacted in La Quinta.




Rack cards are available for artists to mail to art patrons or to distribute to local businesses; please call: 760-564-1244 ext. 112 or email our artist helpline.




A lay-out map with booth assignments will be emailed to all Artists 7 to 10 days prior to the event. Please be flexible and understand that we are trying to satisfy the requirements and requests of our Artists, Old Town La Quinta merchants, Building & Safety Departments for the City of La Quinta, and the County of Riverside Fire Department. In order to create a safe and successful event, all of these needs must be taken into consideration.




Art Under the Umbrellas is an outdoor event and the possibility of bad weather must be considered. Bad weather could result in the loss of thousands of dollars worth of art. Untethered canopies are the main culprits. A remedy has been tested and is required at our show. A few pieces of hardware, some weights and a few extra minutes of preparation will go a long way towards guarding against the loss of sales due to the loss of artwork. All Artists who have a canopy and/or vertical grid wall are required to comply with the following staking requirements, each leg of your exhibit is required to be taped and bound or clamped as follows:


  • Taped and bound to a three-foot long piece of half-inch (no less) diameter rebar driven into the ground at least 15 inches. If your booth is located on the streets of Old Town you will need to substitute the rebar for weights. We prefer these over sandbags. The tape used must be duct or gaffer’s tape, 1 1/2 inches wide or wider. Cotton rope must be tied around the canopy leg and rebar, over the tape. Absolutely no polypropylene or other synthetic ropes, they stretch. Or, an artist may elect to double-clamp to a three-foot long piece of half-inch (no less) diameter rebar driven into the ground at least 30 inches. The clamps must be standard screw driven hose clamps. Use two clamps on each leg.
  • If your booth is located on the streets of Old Town you will need to substitute the rebar for weights. Each of these should weigh a minimum of 20-25 lbs. apiece. These are preferred over sandbags.
  • If you have an umbrella booth location, you must use weights on grid wall and also ensure that your umbrella base is heavily weighted. In case of any wind warning, we will ask you to immediately close the umbrella. Please ensure that all pedestals are sturdy and will not be blown over with wind gusts.
  • Any Artist whose exhibit is not staked, taped, tied and/or weighted (meeting the above requirements) at the time it is erected will be asked to remove it.  All Artists must comply or may not exhibit. Supplies can easily be purchased at  Lowe’s Hardware located on Highway 111, one block east of Washington Street.


These requirements are for your benefit and the safety of all present at Art Under the Umbrellas.  Even though you stake your exhibit according to our specifications, any liability resulting from winds, other elements of nature or accident affected by your exhibit, art or presence are your responsibility. La Quinta Arts Foundation is not responsible for any damage due to accident or other elements of nature.


It is the sole responsibility of each exhibitor to carry general liability and property insurance covering any loss or injury incurred in your exhibit area in addition to providing your own worker’s compensation policy.


We recommend and encourage all exhibitors to carry insurance for their work, their helpers, and their customers.


Booth locations in Old Town offer panoramic viewing which includes the back of booth. Stockpiling, storage of equipment, artwork, materials and supplies behind or adjacent to Artist’s exhibition booth is prohibited where these items are on view to the public. Booth location must be neat and appealing to patrons walking on sidewalk behind the exhibition booth. Use a table that is fully draped to store packing materials or artwork underneath.





Do not send payment until you receive a notice of confirmation. You may mail your payment upon confirmation or pay here online.  Initial confirmations will be mailed out in early September 2015.  All subsequent communication will be by email. We realize that many Artists are on the road participating in summer shows and are not home to accept mail delivery. Your acceptance is based on our ability to balance the show and to ensure it is aesthetically pleasing.




In the interim, if you have any questions or concerns, please address them to our Artist Helpline.  The contact information is: Phone 760-564-1244 ext. 112 or email our artist helpline.



Mark Stephenson

Mark Stephenson

 Mark StephensonPhotographer, California

“AUU hugely benefits Artists and Community in the CV. 
Most imagine artists lead inspired, romantic lives – their extraordinarily disciplined art-making process magically translating the creative energies of the universe into something beautiful, poetic – expressions that speak direct to the soul with compassion, love, insight, humor. Stuff that lifts us all and strengthens our humanity. True enough. Most have no clue (and don’t care) how challenging it is to make a decent living making beautiful art. That’s what makes Art Under the Umbrellas ROCK! AUU is such a high quality, fabulously produced festival that delivers sales and great opportunities to build, expand and strengthen relationships with a vibrant and well qualified demographic – 8X each season! Yea AUU! Live long and prosper!!”