Gideon Cohn

Artist Statement

Gideon Cohn at work

Gideon Cohn

“The figure has always been a source of inspiration for me. Its ever changing shapes, colors and lines have been a stimulus in my exploration process for 35 years. Figurative drawing and painting became my conduit to the beauty of sensuality, flow of spirit and the ties to earth.”

Artist Bio

Gideon CohnGideon was born in Sweden and immigrated with his parents to Israel. Growing up on a kibbutz, surrounded by raw nature as well as vast agricultural endeavors, it was only natural that Gideon was attracted to nature and the plant world which was very joyous and a source of inspiration for him.

He joined the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) serving for 3 years including the Six-Day War. In the early 70s he established his family life for a few years in Holland where he had two daughters; later returning to Israel with his family (which now included his third daughter) started pioneering farming with advanced technology in the Dead Sea region in Israel.

In 1983, Gideon moved with his family to southern California on a 2 year contract to develop raw desert along the Salton Sea into agriculture.

Though possessing a zest for art since early childhood, “serious art work” in the form of drawings and paintings started in the early 90’s.

While attending various classes in Art, Interior Design, Architecture and CAD, at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, Gideon was drawing and painting in his studio, allowing for the initial shaping of the artist. Much of Gideon’s art created in the 21st century revolves around the human figure with a hint of surrealism and comes to form in charcoal/pastels on paper, oils on canvas and more recently some unique techniques he developed that sets him apart. Some of the art work incorporates other media such as wood, prints, and other material which provide a third dimension to the art.

Currently, besides his agricultural business, Gideon the artist has evolved in the art world, including having his own art gallery in Palm Springs, CA (which meanwhile is moving to La Quinta, CA); curating art shows and for the last several years, jurying and judging for the La Quinta Art festival (ranked #1 in the nation in 2013) as well as other shows. His art has been shown both in group and solo juried exhibitions in various galleries winning quite a few awards.

He is also involved in the community with nonprofit organizations promoting the art with youth, as well as preservation and conservation of the environment. He has been the Art Director for the Healthy Family Foundation’s “Ophelia Project” in Palm Desert for the past four years. This mentoring project encourages young middle and high school girls to achieve their full potential and to build their self-esteem. It is a program involving some 275 girls in 7 schools, both in Indio and Palm Springs, and Indio, Palm Springs & Coachella School Districts with 400 girls in 2013-14.

Currently showing his art in galleries both in Palm Springs, CA and Dana Point, CA and scheduled show for the spring of 2014 in Palm Desert, CA

Gideon Cohn: Technique Description


Most of the paintings are Oils on Canvas or Board. Some of the Canvases are stretched by the artist on self-made concaved shaped bars providing the illusion of depth to the painting. The Oils are mostly applied with brushes and sometimes with pallets or fingers, arms and other body parts.

Occasionally, other material is added, such as wood, papier-mâché, and other mixed media to provide with the “third dimension” to the two dimensional art pieces.

Obviously, some of the paintings are painted on various types of paper as well, with different media such as Oils, Acrylics and watercolors.
Sizes range from 8”X10” to 48”X60” and up.


Most of the drawings are Charcoal and Dry Pastels on Art Paper (pastel, charcoal or watercolor paper). The Charcoals and Pastels are mostly applied by fingers, arms and other body parts, sometimes with brushed and other instruments.

Some drawings are inks drawn/painted on various types of paper and other drawings are mixed media, with prints, watercolor, paper, inks, pastels and charcoals incorporated into the drawing.

Sizes range from 8”X10” to 36”X48”.

Gideon Cohn: Shows & Exhibits


Gideon Cohn